DearAuthor Reader Survey
(Results available 28 February 2010)
2724 readers responded to the survey.Some qustions allowed no response (null)
while other questions assume that no response was a negataive response. I have
omitted nulls where the difference is clear.Results are shown in the order
questions were asked.
The next question allowed write-in answers. Rather than normalizing the write-in
responses to match the other answers, I omitted them. Check the results file
for write in response details. (2592 responses shown)
12 people reported that they do not buy books.
I read eBooks... count fraction
No 341 13%
Yes 2302 87%
Responses 2643
I know what DRM means... count fraction
No 325 12%
Yes 2318 88%
Responses 2643
The next set of questions explores reasons responsents might pay more for
eBooks.  (Some ambiguity if responses are relative to the maximum price from the
question, relative to the prices they pay now, or if the options were presented side-
I would pay more for eBooks if I could re-sell them...
count fraction
No 1809 69%
Yes 822 31%
Responses 2631
Devices for reading eBooks
How did you get your eReader?
count fraction
Bought myself 2089 80%
Given as a gift 522 20%
Responses 2611
More apt to try eBooks if you were gifted eBook reader?
count fraction
No 357 14%
Yes 2254 86%
Responses 2611
The next few quesitons deal with the importance of eReader features and attributes.
Ability to connect tosocial media platform (such as Facebook or Twitter)
This question refers to keeping last page read sync'd across devices.
Where do readers shop for eBooks?
I have removed DRM from an eBook...
count fraction
No 1967 77%
Yes 586 23%
Responses 2553
Downloaded non-free book without paying...
count fraction
No 1872 73%
Yes 681 27%
Responses 2553
Shared eBook with friends...
count fraction
No 1819 71%
Yes 734 29%
Responses 2553
I have uploaded eBooks to a torrent site...
count fraction
No 2470 97%
Yes 83 3%
Responses 2553
I have downloaded non-free book because I own the pBook...
count fraction
No 1864 73%
Yes 689 27%
Responses 2553
I have created an eBook from a pBook...
count fraction
No 2379 93%
Yes 174 7%
Responses 2553
I have downloaded a free eBook to read...
count fraction
No 182 7%
Yes 2318 93%
Responses 2500
I have purchased book based on free eBook download?
count fraction
No 740 30%
Yes 1760 70%
Responses 2500
I would send email with eBook improvement suggestions?
count fraction
No 540 22%
Yes 1960 78%
I feel publishers care about readers of eBooks?
count fraction
No 1880 75%
Yes 620 25%

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